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A client library for the https://nft.storage/ service. It provides a convenient interface for working with the Raw HTTP API from a web browser or Node.js and comes bundled with TS for out-of-the box type inference and better IntelliSense.


Install the package using npm

npm install nft.storage

Or yarn

yarn add nft.storage


First, obtain an API token from https://nft.storage and use it in place of API_TOKEN below:

import { NFTStorage, File } from 'nft.storage'
const client = new NFTStorage({ token: 'API_TOKEN' })

async function main() {
const metadata = await client.store({
name: 'Pinpie',
description: 'Pin is not delicious beef!',
image: new File(
/* data */
{ type: 'image/jpg' }
// ipfs://bafyreib4pff766vhpbxbhjbqqnsh5emeznvujayjj4z2iu533cprgbz23m/metadata.json


The client uses ESM modules. If running from Node.js, either name your script index.mjs or name it index.js and use npm init to create a new package.json file in your project directory, adding "type": "module", to it.

Run the script:

node index.mjs # or index.js

For more examples please see the API documentation or the examples directory in the project repository, which contains sample projects for both browsers and Node.js.

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